HAVOC is a company created with the coordination of professional groups that had been working in different activities such as environment, biology, biochemistry, chemical laboratory, geology, analytic chemistry and chemical engineering. 
HAVOC stands out for having a wide application field that is directed to meet the analysis demands of the environmental and industrial sectors.
With HAVOC's multidisciplinary team it is possible to do projects and studies that use the new technology as an innovative tool for developing activities. This contributes to a better performance in order to satisfy our clients and their needs.
HAVOC is a private company that does not depend on educational or public entities. Our work consists in a direct communication with the client in order to understand their needs and to provide short-term solutions.

Work with the best human resources and a modern laboratory. Applying concepts of constant improvement, to satisfy our clients' demands on time and in a professional way. 

Contribute to the environment’s integrity, through innovation and solutions with effective costs.
Provide analytic services that are precise and correct, combined with a fluid communication and total understanding of our clients' needs.
HAVOC is accredited with the Ecuadorian Accreditation Organism OAE, with the certificate of accreditation Nº- OAE LE 2C 05-007; it is ruled by ISO 17025. These are general requirements for the competition of calibration and testing laboratories. The ISO certification proves that HAVOC is completely capable of producing data and results that are technically validated. 

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