The majority of chemists resort to the analytic and instrumental chemistry in order to solve their problems. 
The great application of the analytic chemistry is by itself enough reason to develop it, and other analytic techniques and tests to determine compounds of interest. 
HAVOC has instruments and equipments for specific applications. 
We apply methodologies and chemical-instrumental analysis in order to solve a variety of requirements that our clients demand.
The laboratory has last generation equipment and uses high technology for the chemical-instrumental analysis such as:
  • Gas Chromatographers
  • Liquid Chromatographers of high efficacy that include UV-Visible detectors y Fluorescence.
  • Concentrators, Purge and Trap Desorbetors with cryo-focus, used for the analysis of air, water and soil.
  • Spectrum-photometer of Atomic Absorption, Electro-thermic Graphite Oven.
  • Spectrum-photometer of atomic absorption and emission. Flame.
  • Infra red FTIR Spectrum-photometer
  • Ultraviolet Spectrum-photometer.
  • Oxitop Box for DBO5 analysis, etc. 

For analysis, HAVOC uses validated analytic techniques and procedures; based on international regulations such as: EPA, APHA AWWA-WPCF, ASTM, AOAC, NIOH, FDA, USP, among others.

HAVOC has a team of professional in areas such as: analytic chemistry, chemical engineering, environment, etc. Our experience had been acquired through practice and field work. 
This is a very important aspect, since it helps us establishing a complete knowledge, regarding how we handle our human and technical resources; as well as the instruments we use. This way we can guarantee an optimization of the time in the works or projects we carry out.